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SC EuroPăstrăv S.R.L. is a company set up in 2006, based on accessing European funds. Our main goal is the production of high quality consuming rainbow trout. The company is located in Răstolița, being an integral part of the Europa Natura 2000 network “ROSCI0019 Călimani – Gurghiu” project.

We register a projected production capacity of approximately 75 tons / year of rainbow trout of the highest quality.

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Our company has benefited from the European Union’s support in setting up and developing, so our products strictly adhere to EU quality standards. We set up the trout company in 2006 and during the period 2007-2013 we have accessed non-reimbursable European funds through the POP program, financing contract 189/04 / 06.2014 to develop the company and to improve our production capacities.

So, in just a few years, we have succeeded in becoming a model to follow in terms of management and compliance with quality standards. At Euro Păstrăv you can really buy BIO trout for your whole family.

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Chef Adrian Hadean cooks with our fish!
Recognizing the quality of BIO trout from EuroPăstrăv Răstolița is nationally recognised for our high quality products. As a proof, the most famous chefs are preparing their dishes with the help of our BIO trout.

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